About Alumni Weekend

Join us May 16–19, 2024!

Where will you make connections this Alumni Weekend?

We can’t wait to welcome you back for a slate of events designed for you to

  • explore campus—revisit old haunts and discover new buildings, along with the people and ideas within them.
  • connect with the Hyde Park community; find out about the University’s work in the wider community (and stop in at your favorite local hangouts).
  • learn about groundbreaking research: What are UChicago faculty learning about climate, energy, and the human impact on both? How will technology continue to affect our lives? Discover the answers to these questions and more.
  • immerse yourself in UChicago fundamentals; from free expression to rigorous inquiry, take a deep dive into the University’s values.
  • strengthen your alumni network: Connect with old friends. Meet new ones. Network, laugh, and reminisce. 

Welcome back!


College class years ending in 4 and 9: don’t miss your reunion! Stay tuned for information about reunions for select schools and divisions across campus.


Alumni Weekend Code of Conduct 

During Alumni Weekend, we expect your active participation to allow all members of our community the ability to discuss, debate, learn, and connect in a safe and enjoyable environment. All Alumni Weekend attendees are expected to honor the following standards.

  1. Wear your Alumni Weekend badge at all times. 

  2. Be considerate and respectful to fellow guests, members of the University community, and other personnel.

  3. Refrain from discriminatory or harassing behavior and speech. 

  4. Refrain from disrupting events and activities. Debate is encouraged; disruption will not be tolerated. 

  5. Refrain from the possession, use, or storage of weapons, fireworks, and other dangerous objects or materials on campus.

  6. Refrain from excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages or possession of illegal substances. Smoking is not permitted in any University building or structure or within 15 feet of any building entrance.

All members of the University community are encouraged to report incidents of discrimination and discriminatory harassment, and may raise concerns or file a complaint under our Policy on Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Misconduct. You may report an incident online, by phone (773.834.6367), or by email.